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coral reefs

protecting the

Activity: Send a letter to a local company, member of congress, even the President urging them to help Eco-Girl and Sustaina-Boy protect the coral reefs. Feel free to use Ray and Sandy's letter template!

Dear [enter politician's name], 

My name is ______ and I have recently learned about the coral reef's importance to our ecosystems. Not only are coral reefs beautiful, but also, they provide food and shelter to tons of sea animals, sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, create oxygen, and even protect our shores from large waves! 

Unfortunately, our coral reefs are undergoing coral bleaching, a process where coral reefs lose their colors due to stressors that we, as humans, have created in their environment. As the reefs lose their color, they lose their ability to perform all the vital functions mentioned earlier. We are sending smog and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and chemicals into the water. The coral reefs are becoming sicker and sicker, paler and paler. 

For the sake of all beings on this planet, I urge you to prioritize our planet's future over corporate profits and endorse legislature that protects our planet from further warming, so we can meet our climate change goals. 



________ from [City, State]

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